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- Interest Rates for Home Mortgage Loans and Refinancing Loans could rise after FED exit of mortgage bond market.

After buying trillions of dollars worth of Mortgage Backed Securities since 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank recently ended it's Mortgage Backed Securities Purchase Program, which greatly reduced interest rates for home mortgage loans. Recent strength in the MBS markets have driven down mortgage interest rates for years, making house loans more available for a home purchase loan or refinancing loan.

What does this mean for your situation? It simply means that recent low rates will likely continue to inch higher in coming months and any delay to purchase or refinance a home could prove to be costly. Now is the time to take advantage low home loan interest rates to refinance or purchase a new home.

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Regardless if your are purchasing a home or refinancing a loan, it is important to know your options to determine the best home loan for your financial situation. A home loan comparison is essential to get a clear picture of available programs.

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Using our Loan Helper can be very useful in helping you decide which type of house loan or refinancing mortgage loan could be the right fit for your current circumstances.
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